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Let's remove the grey area around consent.


The absence of no is not consent

 50 real statements from 50 women.

We asked women around the world to share the ways they tried to say ‘no’ that were overlooked or ignored by the other party. 50 real women gave us 50 real signs they used to try to stop a sexual encounter. By sharing these statements, we want to help the world become aware of all the different ways to say ‘slow down’ or ‘stop’. Because every Shade of No deserves to be recognised and respected.



‘NO’ is not the only way to say NO.

We can violate someone’s boundaries when we don’t pick up on their verbal and nonverbal cues, even if we have no intention to harm them. But by simply checking in with our partners and looking out for signs of discomfort, we can make sure everyone is feeling safe and having a good time.


yes means yes.

Consent is clear, mutual, enthusiastic and can be withdrawn at any time. Listen with all your senses to your partner’s verbal and nonverbal cues. If you’re ever unsure, just check in and reassure them it’s ok to say no or take a break.


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100% not for profit

50 Shades of No is run by a small team of volunteers. All profits raised from the sales of our shirts will be invested in future campaigns to help change our consent culture. 

International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, we invite the world to #PressForProgress in how we ask for consent. Let’s move beyond ‘no means no’ and towards a culture of ‘YES! means yes’ to ensure all genders feel safe and respected in every sexual encounter.

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